“A good wine makes you wonder why… a great wine makes you wonder from where and who nurtured the process!”

Our Vision

Our Vision is unparalelled and goes beyond dreaming big. Even though dreams started it all, it's drive that continually unlocks Dynamic Growth potential, for us and our customers alike.

Our Mission

Our innovative thinking and excellent problem solving helps us achieve excellence and cutting edge customer service. We help our customers achieve their full potential and dynamic growth targets through our advisory service.

Our Values

Our four core values form the foundation of our business and supports our Vision and Mission. Integrity, Creativity, Trust and Courage enable us to step out of comfort zone and into journeys that dreams are made of.

Our services and what we do.


Wine and Vineyard advisory services

Managing supply chains from soil to shelf.

Applying technology, data harvesting and old-fashioned common sense to get results.

Wine tourism and DtC marketing and communication.

Building top-performing vineyard and cellar teams and managing climate change.

Expanding existing markets and creating new opportunities domestically and off-shore.

Talent recruitment, training, and development, with a strong focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Mergers, acquisitions, and the application of due diligence.

Litigation and appearing as an expert witness.

Meet our Founder

Niël Groenewald

I’m a winemaker, international wine marketer and wine business specialist, with eight years of academic training and 25 years of hard work under my belt.

Applying a blend of lived experience, critical thinking and constant interrogation of myself and my environment, I have become adept at anticipating challenges and opportunities and effective at problem-solving. I spent 14 years at DGB-owned Bellingham. As head winemaker, I changed the approach to winemaking and wine styling to see the brand grow in critical acclaim domestically and in export markets.

Head-hunted for a similar role within the Distell Group in 2017, I was shortly thereafter appointed MD of the company’s flagship Nederburg Winery. During my tenure until mid-2022, Nederburg was able to consolidate, focus and grow its presence locally and internationally. It was thrice ranked as one of the top 50 of the Drinks International World’s Most Admired Wine Brands.

I am dedicated to creating innovative solutions that drive growth and ensure the future success of the wine business in a rapid evolving market landscape.


Hon.Sc Agri Viticulture & Oenology<

Experience and Skills

Winemaking and Advisory Services
Managing Climate Change
Building top-performing vineyard and cellar teams
Market-specific winemaking and viticulture advice
Mergers, acquisitions, and due diligence
Cellar Design, equipment layout and capacity planning